Online creative briefing system is for creative teams, project managers, helpdesks or anyone who has to deliver work against deadlines. After signing-up and logging in you will be guided through the set-up process to customise your system and create users, workflows, deadlines and notifications - all designed to keep track of you and your teams work. is still under development - check back for status updates.

Creative team

The system is designed primarily for small and medium sized creative teams, or individual freelancers. With this in mind the system has been kept simple enough so that you can jump in and start using immediately. For more advanced users an extra level of customisation can be added including custom fields stored for each brief, custom workflows, custom triggers and much more. It is all left up to you, the user - you can make it as complex or keep it as simple as you need.

Creative briefing process

We model everything around the concept of a brief. Beyond that the whole system can be customised to fit your needs, although the most common configuration will have a sequence similar to the following.

  1. Marketing team create a brief.
  2. Design manager receives the brief, reviews the deadline and assigns it to one of his team.
  3. Designer receives the brief and plans it into his schedule.
  4. Designer completes work on the brief and changes it's state to "waiting for sign-off".
  5. Marketing team review and sign-off the work.
  6. Designer sets the state to "completed".
  7. At the end of the month the design manager prints-off a brief report ready for monthly management meeting. Keep track

As a brief is passed from the initial creator to the creative manager, to the designer it will have additional details added to it, deadlines set and at each stage email notifications will be sent back to everyone currently involved. This enables everyone to be able to keep track of work being briefed-in, worked on and completed. This combined with the reports available on the system allow everybody to get the information they need for planning and reporting.

To-do list

The most commonly used screen is usually the designers to-do list. This keeps track of the work they have been scheduled to do and gives them a single place to keep track of changes and issues with briefs, such as changing deadlines, different requirements and such like. It gives even the least organised of designers a single, simple list of deadlines that are arriving and of work that is approaching.

Don't miss deadlines

Everybody has access to the reports they need to make sure their work, or their requested work is not slipping behind. It empowers people to take control over their project management and frees from many hours of administration. On top of this, reminder emails can be sent as deadlines approach to ensure nobody misses deadlines because of miscommunication or lack of information.