Creative briefing system is for creative teams, project managers, helpdesks or anyone who has to deliver work against deadlines. After signing-up and logging in you will be guided through the set-up process to customise your system and create users, workflows, deadlines and notifications - all designed to keep track of you and your teams work.

briefus is still under development - check back for status updates.

Creative team

The system is designed primarily for small and medium sized creative teams, or individual freelancers. With this in mind the system has been kept simple enough so that you can jump in and start using immediately. For more advanced users an extra level of customisation can be added including custom fields stored for each brief, custom workflows, custom triggers and much more. It is all left up to you, the user - you can make it as complex or keep it as simple as you need.

Creative briefing process

Briefus allows you to follow your own briefing and workflow with transparency across your organisation to try and maximise communication and ensure projects are delivered on deadline. It is designed specifically for agency and creative teams which allows us to simplify the whole process without sacrificing functionality.

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